A novel digital artwork was produced to serve as an internal showcase for the new BOTS logo and its revamped stylistic features.

Conceptual slide artwork featuring "Otto," intended for inclusion in a presentation directed towards stakeholders, was developed to illustrate its potential appearance.

A banner promoting a BOTS coloring page was designed for distribution via the internal email system of the company.

A BOTS coloring page, featuring a character named "Otto," was developed with the intention of enhancing brand recognition and fostering cultural engagement through a coloring competition.

BOTS classic animation project
Digital character sheets were developed in the classic 1930's and 40's animation style, to aid in the creation of a series of social media animated shorts.

Test Animation
"Johnny" test animation.

"Rosie" test animation.


Test animation for a social media animation short.
Inspired by the classic animated short "Teeny Little Super Guy" from Sesame Street.

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